ZYPEEK(Poly-ether-ether-ketone)features: industrial continuous production, thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency, high purity.
Home Appliances

PEEK has good wear resistance, self-lubrication, non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, low density, and can decrease noise , reduce energy consumption and prolong service life comparable to matels .PEEK can be formed by one-step injection molding with high production efficiency.


Vacuum cleaner impeller/ Air condition&refrigerator compressor exhaust valve/Rotor/Gear/Bushings/Separation Claw



Vent Valve

Our Features

  • Annual capacity of PEEK over 1000 ton
  • PEEK polymerization by using 5000L reactor
  • Modern High-tech in PEEK R&D, manufacturing and marketing
  • PEEK material supplier,Continuous industrial production
  • Available for customization
  • Listed corporation with stock code 835017