ZYPEEK(Poly-ether-ether-ketone)features: industrial continuous production, thermal stability, batch stability, color consistency, high purity.


Supreriorities: People usually choose metal in this field, well with great dimensional stability but common chemical resistance and toughness it brings some loss in the processing and production. PEEK has great wear resistance and high temperature performance, and chemical resistance, so it replaced metal in some ways to prolong the life of parts and lower the noises etc. PEEK can be machined to seal, piston ring, valve and other kinds of pumps.  A part from these aspects, PEEK meets the requirement of tube components, and can still bond with different adhesives at high temperature. So we can see that modern connector is another high temperature. So we can se that modern connector is another potential application for PEEK.

Piston Ring

Sealing Element

Air-conditioning Compressor Valve Block

Peek Bearing

Glass Fiber PEEK Gear

PEEK Wind Power Generation Wearing Ring

Our Features

  • Annual capacity of PEEK over 1000 ton
  • PEEK polymerization by using 5000L reactor
  • Modern High-tech in PEEK R&D, manufacturing and marketing
  • PEEK material supplier,Continuous industrial production
  • Available for customization
  • Listed corporation with stock code 835017